Repository Policy

Repository Policy 

At the Asian Bulletin of Business and Social Science Research (ABBSSR), we are committed to promoting open access and facilitating the sharing of scholarly work. Our policies align with the Sherpa/Romeo guidelines, ensuring that pre-prints, post-prints, and publisher's versions of articles can be archived and used for various academic purposes under the Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license. Below, we outline our author self-archiving policy and the conditions for reusing open-access content.

Author Self-Archiving Policy

ABBSSR is an Open Access journal, and authors are entitled to make their articles publicly available according to the terms of the CC BY license:

  • CC BY-NC: Authors who have published under a CC BY-NC 4.0 license may share and distribute their articles on non-commercial websites and repositories.

Re-use Guidelines for Open Access Content

When posting, distributing, or reusing open access articles, it is essential to attribute the journal as the original place of publication and provide correct citation details. Authors should deposit the URL/DOI of their published article in any repository, along with the Version of Record. To ensure the definitive version is readily accessible and correctly cited, ABBSSR strongly encourages authors to deposit the Published Version.

Article Versions

There are several ways to share different versions of your article as it progresses towards publication:

  • Submitted Version of the Article: Authors can share their submitted article via social media, scholarly collaboration networks, personal websites, or preprint servers intended for non-commercial use (e.g., arXiv, bioRxiv, SocArXiv).
  • Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM): Authors can post their AAM at any point after acceptance. This includes posting to platforms like Facebook, Google Groups, LinkedIn, and linking from Twitter. To encourage citation, we recommend inserting a link from the posted AAM to the published article with the DOI.
  • Published Version: Upon publication, authors can link to the Published Version using the DOI or post the article PDF on any non-commercial websites and repositories.

By following these guidelines, authors can ensure their work is widely accessible and correctly cited, enhancing the visibility and impact of their research.