About the Journal

Aim and Scope of the Journal

The Asian Bulletin of Business and Social Science Research (ABBSSR) is a scholarly journal that focuses on publishing research in the fields of business and social sciences. This publication serves as a platform for academics, researchers, and professionals to share their innovative findings and insights. ABBSSR aims to contribute to the academic discourse by presenting high-quality research articles, case studies, and reviews that address contemporary issues and challenges in the dynamic realms of business and social sciences.

The journal fosters interdisciplinary collaboration, providing a valuable resource for those seeking comprehensive perspectives on topics ranging from business management and economics to sociology and psychology in the Asian context. Through rigorous peer review processes, ABBSSR strives to maintain academic excellence and promote the dissemination of knowledge that can contribute to the advancement of these disciplines.

Language of the Journal

The official language of the journal is English. All submissions, reviews, and published content must be in English to ensure accessibility and comprehensibility to a global audience.

Publication Frequency

ABBSSR is published annually, with one issue per year. Once accepted, papers are published by adding them to the "Current Issue" section with a DOI, ensuring timely access to new research.