Licensing Policy

  1. General Policy:

   The Asian Bulletin of Business and Social Science Research (ABBSSR) are committed to disseminating high-quality research in the fields of business and social sciences. To ensure the integrity and accessibility of our content, ABBSSR adopts a licensing policy that governs the use, distribution, and reproduction of published materials.

  1. Copyright:

   All articles published in ABBSSR are protected by copyright laws. Authors retain the copyright of their work while granting ABBSSR the right to publish and distribute the material. Reproduction, distribution, or any other form of use requires explicit permission from both the author(s) and ABBSSR.

  1. Open Access:

   ABBSSR follows the principles of open access, making its content freely accessible to the public. Users are permitted to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of the articles published in ABBSSR without seeking prior permission, provided that proper attribution is given to the authors and ABBSSR as the original source.

  1. Creative Commons License:

   ABBSSR articles are typically published under a Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY). This license allows users to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially, as long as proper credit is given to the author(s) and ABBSSR.

  1. Attribution:

   Users of ABBSSR content are required to provide appropriate attribution, including the title of the article, the names of the author(s), the publication source (The Asian Bulletin of Business and Social Science Research), and a link to the original article.

  1. Commercial Use:

   ABBSSR content may be used for commercial purposes under the terms of the Creative Commons License (CC BY). However, users must still provide proper attribution to the author(s) and ABBSSR.

  1. Restrictions:

   While ABBSSR encourages the widespread dissemination and use of its content, certain restrictions may apply to protect the integrity of the work and the rights of the authors. Users are prohibited from altering, transforming, or using ABBSSR content in any way that may compromise its original meaning or intent.

  1. Reproduction:

   Reproduction of ABBSSR content in any form, whether in print or electronic media, requires permission from both the author(s) and ABBSSR. Requests for reproduction should be directed to the editorial office.

  1. Changes to Policy:

   ABBSSR reserves the right to modify or update this licensing policy as deemed necessary. Any changes will be communicated to users through the ABBSSR website or other official channels.