Paper Prints Policy

  1. Introduction

The Asian Bulletin of Business and Social Science Research (ABBSSR) is committed to maintaining high standards of scholarly publishing. This Paper Prints Policy outlines the guidelines and procedures for the submission, review, and publication of papers in ABBSSR.


  1. Paper Submission Guidelines

2.1 Submission Eligibility:

   Manuscripts submitted to ABBSSR must present original research contributions in the fields of business and social sciences. Authors should ensure that their work has not been previously published or is under consideration elsewhere.

2.2 Formatting Requirements:

   All manuscripts must adhere to the ABBSSR formatting guidelines. Authors are encouraged to use the provided template to ensure consistency in layout, font, and citation style. Submissions not following these guidelines may be returned to the authors for correction.

2.3 Language:

   Manuscripts should be submitted in English. Authors for whom English is not their native language are encouraged to seek professional editing assistance to improve the language quality of their submissions.


  1. Review Process

3.1 Peer Review:

   All submitted manuscripts undergo a rigorous double-blind peer-review process. ABBSSR aims to provide constructive feedback to authors and ensure the publication of high-quality research.

3.2 Review Criteria:

   Manuscripts are evaluated based on originality, significance, methodology, results, and overall contribution to the field. Reviewers also assess the clarity and coherence of the writing.

3.3 Author Response:

   Authors are given an opportunity to respond to reviewer comments and make necessary revisions. The revised manuscripts undergo a secondary review to ensure that feedback has been appropriately addressed.


  1. Acceptance and Publication

4.1 Acceptance Criteria:

   Manuscripts accepted for publication meet the journal's standards and address reviewers' concerns adequately. The decision of the editorial board is final.

4.2 Copyright Transfer:

   Upon acceptance, authors are required to transfer the copyright of their work to ABBSSR. This facilitates the journal's rights to reproduce, distribute, and display the accepted manuscript.

4.3 Publication Timeline:

   ABBSSR aims to publish accepted papers promptly. However, the actual publication timeline may vary based on the volume of submissions and the editing process.


  1. Open Access and Archiving

5.1 Open Access Policy:

   ABBSSR is an open-access journal, providing free and unrestricted access to published content. This supports the dissemination of knowledge to a global audience.

5.2 Archiving:

   ABBSSR is committed to archiving published papers to ensure long-term accessibility and preservation of scholarly contributions.